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This list is for questions, info etc. regarding the SuperCollider real time synthesis programming environment. For information on the list, please see: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/facilities/ea-studios/research/supercollider/mailinglist.aspx

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by Alessandro Fogar
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This list is addressed mainly to people developing SuperCollider source code. Contributions, questions, comments on any level of the code (C, C++ or SuperCollider class libraries) are covered here. For information on the list, please see:

A complete archive of the list (including the previous create.ucsb.edu incarnation) is available at: http://www.listarc.bham.ac.uk/marchives/sc-dev/

You can search the archive here: http://www.listarc.bham.ac.uk/lists/sc-dev/search

This list was created with mass migration of subscribers from the old create.ucsb.edu list on June 16, 2008. Please contact sc-dev-owner@lists.bham.ac.uk for further list details or queries concerning the list.
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by GitHub
Hi list, Why does this work: x = {arg data = []; data.postln}; x.value([1,2,3]); and this not: m = (); m.dlt = {arg data = [];data.postln}; m.dlt.value([1,2,3]); ? K 1 2
by kflak
Heya, New to supercollider, been doodling with it the last 6 months, love it. Very intuitive and fun. Now trying to expand my setup to visuals by sending trigger data from pdefs to OSC (and into touchdesigner), and I'm having some problems as my Rest() functions are also sent. Is there... 2 3
by platerytter
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by scholarmyqeen900
Hello, I need to some help about this code: ~midival = Bus.control(s, 1); ~fader1; ( MIDIClient.init; MIDIIn.connectAll; MIDIIn.control = { arg src, chan, num, val; [~midichan.set(chan), ~midinum.set(num), ~midival.set(val)].postln}; ) ( //start first buffer with the same con... 1 2
by paulss83
Is there any way to read an environmental variable from the operating system? Thanks 1 1
by Nathan Ho
Hi all, I'm new here, so hello! I have a GUI question. I've defined several keyDownActions in a view, and I'm trying to find a way to trigger them without pressing the key - to be able to trigger them from within a routine, or trigger several of them by pressing a different key. I know I coul... 1 2
by Nathan Ho
I want to use TGrains2 but if I swap the object in the code below it does not work for TGrains2 whilst it works for TGrain. Any suggestions what is causing this? b= Buffer.read(s, "C:/Program Files (x86)/SuperCollider-3.7.2/sounds/a11wlk01.wav"); b.bufnum ( SynthDef(\GRANULAR, ... 1 3
by Nathan Ho
Hi all, Any ideas what the RESULT = -1073741786 code means? Trying to boot my server with s.options.sampleRate = 44100; s.options.device = "ASIO : JackRouter"; Thanks! 1 1
by Nathan Ho
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by TamaraStreeter
Hello everyone ! I'm new on SC (working on it for 3 months) :) I'm trying to imitate the sound of a bouncing ball with "Ball" or "TBall" but I don't understant how they work ! Someone can help ? Thanks a lot ! TR 1 2
by Tanguy Roussel
I am using SuperCollider 3.6.6 on a Windows XP machine. I want to build a plugin using Cmake and mingw for this: https://github.com/spluta/PV_Control Can someone guide me through the process using the Windows Command line (not UNIX/LINUX) or a Qt GUI. Do I need to generate a new CMakeCache ... 2 3
by Matthew
Lately shift-Enter frequently fails to interpret code and behaves like simple Enter. I am using Fedora 24. Remarks, SVP. -- clients.teksavvy.com/~echapin 1 1
by Nathan Ho
Where is SCUserView? I tried to subclass it and I get the error super class not found. I even downloaded the source and scanned it for "SCUserView" and I only found a reference on Knob. I am obviously missing something. Thank you for any help. 1 1
by Nathan Ho
Hello, I currently using Firmata with my Arduino and I am struggling to know how to pick up more than one pin at a time. My aim is to read all pins both Analog and Digital when I want as well as to send data to all pins, basically as much freedom as possible. This is what I have: a = ... 1 1
by Nathan Ho
Hello, I am new to supercollider and i have a problem with the installation. I installed supercollider and i can not start using it because it allways gives a error message: init_OSC empty compiling class library... NumPrimitives = 679 compiling dir: '/usr/share/SuperCollide... 1 1
by ddw_music
hello im new to sc and new to programming and seek for answers in my easy questions... im looking through tutorials and guides/ google but cannot find the answers a simple question such as for example: {SinOsc.ar([400,500].choose)}.play instead of a random 'choose' method, i want it to play... 1 1
by ddw_music
Hi all, I'm having a problem locating the index of an item in array, using .indexOf, when the array is made up of strings. For example... [1, 2, 3].indexOf(2); ...works fine, but: ["one", "two", "three"].indexOf("two"); ...just returns ni... 2 2
by soh_la
0 0
by funkoku
Dear community, could someone explain me the difference between Ndef and Synthdef? Like when best to use which? I m sorry if this might be very obvious, but from the resources I found I did t really understand it. Also I am trying to find resources about integrating sc with ableton live... 0 0
by Lou
I would like to use mouse position (f variable) inside Pbind /dur to play different rithmes but I getting error ( SynthDef("tone2", { arg freq = 440, amp=0.5, gate=1, envdur=1.5; var sound, env; env = EnvGen.kr(Env.perc(0.01, envdur), doneAction:2); sound = Pan2.ar(SinOs... 0 0
by skwwwks
It must be doable, but I cant find any example or tutorial where this is shown. Saying "dynamic" I mean controlling those values with Ugens or Hid/MIDI devices in stead of evaluating the code every time after changes has been made. // "Wait" example Task({ { "I'm loo... 1 2
by Zuu
Hello, I have searched the archive and have not found an answer to this question - if I have missed it please direct me there. I am trying to create a global array that will be used in numerous listPatterns that will update its instantiations when changed (In ChucK you just create a Global... 1 1
by madamdata
Hi people, I am trying to create some classes for my GUI's - the general idea is captured in the code below (lifted from various help-files etc.) and modified a bit. This (rudimentary) class compiles and does a simple job. It may require some re-writing in the interests of best-practice e... 2 2
by madamdata
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by baizhou2324
Hi! Tutorials and examples shows only how to modulate some values, but this method doesn't work if want to execute functions(or I don't know how to adopt). I'm new and want to learn simple task, how to trig samples with keyboard, mouse or any HID device buttons. Can you give me some clues or ... 0 0
by Zuu
I'm a supercollider user somewhere between beginner and intermediate just getting to grips with making music. I occasionally get messages telling me to allocate more memory to various synths. I have a Macbook pro with 16gb which I'd have thought would be enough to run several channels of sou... 0 0
by mopani
I'm slowly getting to grips with Supercollider and would like to know a simple way of setting defaults in sc on a mac powerbook with 16gig ram. I occasionally get memory warnings and so would like to set memory to as high as reasonable within the 16gb that I have. Also I'd like to default to 48k... 0 0
by mopani
I have been trying to get SuperCollider to compile, but it always fails when it gets to supernova. Version: 3.6.6 (3.6.5, too, if that matters). OS: Gentoo Linux Install requirements met: yes This happens whether I use an ebuild or compile manually. I would appreciate help getting th... 0 0
by audiodef
Hello to all, From the VBAP documentation example, I want to use speaker subsets but I haven't found the way to do it. Any lead on how to proceed will be highly appreciated. The example: //From this speaker arrangement I would like to choose non-consecutive triplets a = VBAPSpeakerAr... 0 0
by rinconestrada
Hello everyone, I have supercollider 3.6, and I encountered a little problem with the buffers... I downloaded a song from youtube/mp3 converter, from which I extracted a .wav sample with audacity. I loaded it in a supercollider buffer. It didn't make errors, and I could even play it with ... 0 0
by AfrZ
I am setting up Supercollider on a new machine (Win7) and I am having trouble setting the devices. This is the content of the startup.scd. Server.local.options.outDevice = "ASIO : ASIO4ALL v2"; Server.local.options.sampleRate = 44100; s.boot; However this is the result from t... 0 0
by kmll
Hi everyone, i try to create an fm synth with a basic gui end a pattern, basically i want a pattern who change the note but also a gui who change freq and others fm parameters for run a sequence and to modify parameters in real time, everything on the same synthdef. Here i try to add a gui to ... 0 0
by chanof
I downloaded SC on my PC and could not do a local server boot, I downloaded something called ASIO4all and was able to boot it up using that. That download is a sound card or somthing. I downloaded SC on my Mac and everything worked perfect although I'm having troubles on my PC I cannot hear the ... 0 0
by Jhard
- deleted - 0 0
by NickSum
Hello, I apologize if this is a dumb or simple question, as I am a relatively new user. My main goal for using SC right now is to be able to analyze MIDI data in real time with lissajou (x/y) coordinates. I have made several (long) attempts at visualizing the notes I play on my MIDI keybo... 1 1
by Max
For a while i've looked at the documentation for SoundFileView, PlayBuf and Buffer to try and find a way to implement a moving time cursor where the time cursor position corresponds to the point of the soundfile that is playing. I'm sure I must have missed something! Does anyone know a way to... 0 0
by veain
I would like to play a soundfile (.wav), pause it at some point, then resume playback from where the soundfile was paused. What is the easiest way for me to do this? This seems like it should be simple. I thought perhaps I should try to set a startpos variable upon the stopping of the playba... 0 0
by arntzy
Is there any SC meetup in London? If not, let us organize it! Anyone interested? The only possible place I can think of is Troyganic Cafe, where MusicHackSpace events are held. 1 1
by YenzM
Hi there, I'm sending OSC bundle messages from an Arduino with ethernet shield directly plugged in my Macbook. When I use the OSCfunc.trace(true) function I can see the messages in the post window perfectly organized. But when I write an OSCdef to use the same messages nothing happen. ... 0 0
by Edouard Mortec
Hello, I've been looking around for tutorials about how using Supercollider with monome. The examples on the monome site are based on whole grid programming. I was wondering how it could be possible to program the monome per its buttons within Supercollider. Anyone has expirience with... 1 1
by cloudhopper
hello Forum, I am looking to insert lists of amplitude points into my supercollider code. I have two SynthDefs, a pulse ("directionB") and a sine tone("directionA") that play a sequence of 10 glissandi. The composition plays correctly, but I forgot to add the list of a... 1 1
by cloudhopper
Hello all, First of all I am new here, so I wanted to say Hello to you all. :) As you mentioned maybe.. I am a SCnoob :) And i was working on a Delay patch with variable delayTimes. This is my code sofar... ( SynthDef.new( \delay, { arg maxDel = 5, delTimes = #[0,0,0,0]; var sig... 0 0
by cloudhopper
Hello to everyone: Does anyone have worked with Pisano period and how to determine the cycle of te period in SC? Thanks in advance, regards, RC 0 0
by clemente_rc
Hi guys, i'm trying to investigate the Voicer class on ddw library but when i put the quark folder in my extensions folder i have the following errors. any help? thanks a. init_OSC empty compiling class library... NumPrimitives = 644 compiling dir: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperColli... 1 2
by Alfonso Santimone
hello it possible to use the values from a Ugen like a regular number? for example: mouse = MouseX.kr(0,10) and then use de mouse value in an other UGen I get the following error: The preceding error dump is for ERROR: can't set a control to a UGen in this example ( SynthDef(\mo... 0 0
by jordiespuny
hello, I have installed supercollider in arch but emacs gives me unknown sclang when I start it with: emacs -sclang I tried supercollider in gedit but even if the supercollider plugin is there it does not allow me to click it. does anybody know how can I get supercollider running in arch... 0 0
by mattata
I have some code that works but is very long, and I'm looking for a way to rein it in. One thing I'm stuck at is addressing elements in an Array that's an argument in a SynthDef. With what I have now, every time I move a slider, I get the error: Message 'at' not understood. Maybe there's anothe... 0 0
by Matthias Kispert
Hi, Just started in supercollider, so sorry for my ignorance. Could you please explain why the first "play" is sounding and the second isn't. The second one doesn't give any mistakes but just doesn't sound. Thanks in advance. Gr. Herman ( { PMOsc.ar([200,202], Line.ar(0,2... 1 1
by sabinapapry
Hi, Newbie here. Trying to turn effect on and off through midi notes e.g. assigning reverb to midi note 25 and turning it off with midi note 27. So far I can trigger reverb by hitting note 25, but can't release it. Ultimately I hope to trigger and turn off an effect with the same midi, to wor... 0 0
by astro44448
hello SC list, i'm trying to make a dead simple (probably) way of playing all items in an array of buffers sequentially. given a buffer ~b0 containing N items, SC should play ~b0[0], then ~b0[1], then ~b0[2] ... all the way to ~b0[N-1], without pauses or overlap. the code i've written ... 0 0
by emadan
I could use some help with scsynth. A few days ago I used the following command to start my SuperCollider server: $ scsynth -u 57110 I then used the sc3 plugin in Racket/Scheme to drive the server around and everything was all good. Today, however, when I try to start the server I ge... 1 1
by jaypoulz
Total Newb to SuperCollider...not very familiar with OOP...old school FORTRAN science guy here looking for assistance on accessing multidimensional arrays. Been working on this for days. Here is what I'm tryin to do (and so far no luck) read in a delimited txt file to an array called 'x' (suc... 0 0
by oneofthejonesboys
I'm acquiring my EKG signal, as an audio, using the SoundIn function, but how can I calculate the heartbeat of my signal using the FFT function? 0 0
by Rodrigo Alvarado
I have a sound source coming in , my code is like this Ndef(\sound).fadeTime = 10; ( Ndef(\sound, { var signal = SoundIn.ar(0, mul:5); signal = Pan2.ar( signal, 1 // SinOsc.kr(1/5), // LFNoise0.kr(0.1).range(-1, 1) // LFTri.kr(0.2).range(-1, 1) // Brown... 0 0
by seanlee
Hi, I am sending OSC messages to SC from the Unity Game Engine to control a few synths via addOSCRecvFunc(f) and everything works well but ocasionally I am getting late messages in the post window like this: late 3.3948573984 late 3.4109823049 late 3.82038479238 late 4.01237192837 ........ 0 0
by 8volution
I am trying to count beats with PulseCount and do something (like update a value) with if statement. How to achieve this? ( { a = PulseCount.kr(Impulse.kr(4)); b = mod(a, 5); if (b == 0, "bang".postln, “nil".postln) }.play ) 1 1
by mahatGma
Hello There! I am programming a little game but got stuck on the most important part! I have a picture of a cat paw on the mouse cursor and pictures of mice running around. goal would be, that if you click on a mouse, it disappears and you gain a point. All codes for this I tried don't seem ... 0 0
by lizzbet
Hi everyone! This isn't about Supercollider, but I think you may find it interesting: I've created tutorials about how to create audio plugins (VST/AU/...) in C++. First we cover how to set everything up, then we create a distortion plugin, and then a polyphonic subtractive synth: H... 1 1
by shilpasaini1122
( majorTriad = [0, 4, 7]; // pitch class integers d_majorTriad = majorTriad + 62; // transposing into MIDI note numbers { Mix.ar(SinOsc.ar(d_majorTriad.midicps)) }.play) 0 0
by KaliMist
Hi there, I can't get the PV_SpectralMap help file work. It quits the server and I got this : Synth("specMap" : 1000) RESULT = 0 Any idea ?? Thanks 0 0
by berzelius
Hello I wish learn qt and i can't get working simple app i wish make example and problem is i can get action on my text input box when i enter text on key press enter should call .speak method and speaking entered text 0 0
by narayana
Hi , I'm having some issues with running 3.6.5 on windows 7. When I attempt to turn off a reasonably large amount of synths eg ( t = Task({ loop{ {SinOsc.ar(rrand(100,1000),0,0.01) * EnvGen.kr(Env.perc(0.01,4), doneAction: 2)}.play; 0.01.wait; } }).start ) I get a ... 0 0
by kimOnsatan
HI guys....hw r u.....!!!!!!! i need little help from ur side that i want i want make data structure application in which iam choosing sorting algorithm like shell sort bubble sort etc...and represanting them graphicaly animated s0o easy to understand..... so is it possible to do this with pr... 0 0
by karankumar
Hello, first of all I apologize for my naivete in SC (and for my bad english, as well). My code has a quadriphonic output. Unfortunately, my experience in recording has begun and ended with the localhost-server record button window....now I wonder if: 1) there's a way to configure the recor... 0 0
by Aias
Hi. I want to play a buffer in a loop & regulate the amplitude w/ the normalized value of the current SoundIn signal. This means the louder the input, the louder the output. I'd be very thankful for any suggestions. // denik 0 0
by denik
Hello all. I am new in this group. I Apologize for my grammar. I have to practice this language. All my Sincere Respect for everyone. And Thanks so much to all the Masters who give us their worthwhile time to help ourselves with our doubts. Cheers!See you, Compile you!! 0 0
by abrahambarranco
Hello all. I am new in this group. I Apologize for my grammar. I have to practice this language :) All my Sincere Respect for everyone. And Thanks so much to all the Masters who give us their worthwhile time to help ourselves with our doubts. Cheers! 0 0
by abrahambarranco
Hello I would like to start a discussion about the possibility and thoughts people have about having SuperCollider working on tablets, in this case ipad/IOS. I was successful in getting David Reeder's sc-for-ios to work on my ancient original Ipad and it works!! The only drawbacks seems to be i... 0 0
by Patpagano
Hi All, I'm not an expert with SuperCollider and am struggling to run some SuperCollider Code from the command line (I want to do this as this is part of an integrated system for a robot. Short answer, running SC and my code needs to be automated). So, here is my command line command (tri... 1 1
by RobotFun
Hi, I created a Synth & I want it to play specific microtonal pitches. I have note on/off responders such that when I have my keyboard hooked up & everything has been evaluated, it plays all my desired notes and everything works fine. Problem is the piece I am writing is too diffi... 0 0
by moab_bot
Hi; Just downloaded install and: on MAC 10.6.8 -1 No localhost and no serverhost window appear. After booting , AppleB. with an example. got this message : Shared memory server interface initialized ERROR: syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting $end in file 'selected t... 0 0
by kiku70
Hello, I just updated to 3.6.3 and after updating some quarks I am getting the following error. I checked older posts, and updated the Ctk quarks, but I am still getting the same error. I believe it must be quite simple to solve, but I don't know how... best, André boo... 0 0
by andredamiao
I'm a little unclear on how Pmono works with \gate and Pdefn. I'm sure there's a quick explanation of how and how not to do what I'm trying to do, I would appreciate a brief clarification, thanks! Eli ( SynthDef(\testTone, { arg freq=440, gate=1; var sig, env; env = EnvGen.kr(Env.as... 0 0
by emf
Call for Survey Responses Creative Computing with Complex Systems: a survey of current practice Design Lab, University of Sydney. Investigators: Oliver Bown, Martin Tomitsch Contact: Oliver Bown, oliver.bown@sydney.edu.au This is a call for participation in a survey about the creative ... 0 0
by olliebown
Dear all, does someone have - by any chance - any Christmas songs as SC Patterns lying 'round? I thought someone must have typed them in before me... Thanks! k 0 0
by kathi
I was making this synth (following instruction from the supercollider book) and it worked fine by itself but when I set it up as a synthdef it gives me the lengthy error message at the bottom of the post. Can anyone explain to me what this error even means and how I could go about fixing it,... 0 0
by pvanhorn
after SC download for the 3 time facing the same problem .... what do i do in this case ? init_OSC empty compiling class library (debug build)... NumPrimitives = 854 compiling dir: '/Applications/SuperColliderCocoa/SuperColliderCocoa.app/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary' pass 1 do... 0 0
by fadi
Hi All! I'm new to SuperCollider and have lots of ideas that I want to try out, however I am unable to find a Quark that does what I need it to which is: 1. Recognise Visual input 2. Use this to create proximity information HOWEVER if I can skip the visual part and just use proximity... 0 0
by jjtsuperc
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