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Appveyor CI & S3/AWS hosting

Hey all,

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone's doing well. I've been working to set up Windows CI for the project via Appveyor. The good news is that a 64-bit build is already running, and I'm currently working on the 32-bit build. See this log for an example of a successful 64-bit build:

The builds run in comparable time to our other CI (about 10 minutes, 20 with both architectures).

This will be incredibly useful as a smoke test for C++ changes, and over the next month I plan to add a test launch and test running like we have for the Travis builds.

Does anyone know who has credentials/hosting for the AWS account we use to host our macOS builds? It would be lovely if we could get automatic uploads of the CI builds when we make a release, as we currently do for macOS.