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Array indexing assistance

Total Newb to SuperCollider...not very familiar with OOP...old school FORTRAN science guy here looking for assistance on accessing multidimensional arrays.  Been working on this for days.  Here is what I'm tryin to do (and so far no luck)

read in a delimited txt file to an array called 'x' (success!)

'x' looks like this (actually much bigger but you get the idea):

[ [ 1944, 12, 31.2 ], [ 1945, 1, 18.5 ], [ 1945, 2, 11.8 ], [ 1945, 3, 19.7 ], [ 1945, 4, 31.6 ]]

I want to make a simple graph of the first element of each row (ie. 1944,1945,...). no luck :^(


I would really like to assign a separate var, like 'year', to the first column of data and then just plot 'year' with year.plot.  I have been successful in plotting simple arrays...just not these multidimentional arrays I get from reading in delimited files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.