Button mouseUpAction view.value broken since long

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Button mouseUpAction view.value broken since long

Fredrik Olofsson
this is an issue from way back.  same with cocoa gui under sc365.

mouseUpAction reports the wrong button value.  also mouseDownAction.

action and value agree but mouseUpAction is inverted.

var w;
w= Window.new.front;
b= Button(w, Point(100, 100));
b.states_([ ["a", Color.red, Color.blue], ["b", Color.yellow, Color.green]]);
b.action= {|view| ("action"+view.value).postln};
b.mouseDownAction= {|view| ("mousedown"+view.value).postln};
b.mouseUpAction= {|view| ("mouseup"+view.value).postln};

b.value= 1
b.value= 0


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