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Error: server failed to start

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Hi guys,
just installed SuperCollider on Windows 10 64bit.
I cannot run a server. If I run:


I get:

booting 57110
-> localhost
RESULT = -1073741786
ERROR: server failed to start
For advice: []

If I run:


I get:
booting internal
Interpreter has crashed or stopped forcefully. [Exit code: -1073741786]

When rebooting interpreter I get:
compiling class library...
initPassOne started
        NumPrimitives = 692
initPassOne done
        compiling dir: 'C:\Program Files\SuperCollider-3.8.0\SCClassLibrary'
        compiling dir: 'C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\Extensions'
        pass 1 done
        numentries = 1198010 / 17589960 = 0.068
        5490 method selectors, 3204 classes
        method table size 18304520 bytes, big table size 140719680
        Number of Symbols 14012
        Byte Code Size 408147
        compiled 441 files in 0.37 seconds

Info: 2 methods are currently overwritten by extensions. To see which, execute:

compile done
Class tree inited in 0.02 seconds
Cleaning up temp synthdefs...

I do not have any zombie processes and I only just installed SuperCollider.

Can anyone help me?