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Hello and Array with variables

Hello all,
First of all I am new here, so I wanted to say Hello to you all. :)
As you mentioned maybe.. I am a SCnoob :)
And i was working on a Delay patch with variable delayTimes.
This is my code sofar...

SynthDef.new( \delay, {
        arg maxDel = 5, delTimes = #[0,0,0,0];
        var signal, delay, out;
        signal = AudioIn.ar([1,2]);
        delay = AllpassN.ar(signal, maxDel, delTimes, 10);
        a = delTimes.collect;
        out = signal + delay;
        Out.ar(0, Splay.ar(out, 2));

What I want to do is ... I actually want to put real-time variable delaytimes... so like delTimes =  #[a,b,c,d]; So i can control the delaytimes real-time instantly...
Would someone like to help me out with this ? :)
Is there a good tutorial thatt explains how this works?