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Ndef and Synthdef / Live best practice

Dear community,

could someone explain me the difference between Ndef and Synthdef? Like when best to use which?
I m sorry if this might be very obvious, but from the resources I found I did t really understand it.

Also I am trying to find resources about integrating sc with ableton live,
as I have sounds in both programmes which I would like to play together.

I have created some Synthdefs which read buffers and manipulate UGens with the data,
and I would like to integrate them with Ableton live.

Should I stay with Synthdef or rewrite to Ndefs?

Ndef have these very handy mixers in sc, but there should be a way to pass the data from ableton instead of using the sc mixers?

So that sc produces the synthesis, but the variables are controlled from within live and
the sound is rooted back into live.
Makes sense?
Or just use sc GUI and root the sound from live and sc to the speakers?

I am wondering how to set this up best,
I hope my questions are phrased clearly enough,
it would be great if someone could help me out a bit!!

All the best!