OSC bundles from arduino issue

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OSC bundles from arduino issue

Edouard Mortec
Hi there,

I'm sending OSC bundle messages from an Arduino with ethernet shield directly plugged in my Macbook.

When I use the OSCfunc.trace(true) function I can see the messages in the post window perfectly organized.
But when I write an OSCdef to use the same messages nothing happen. Here are the few line of code I use :

~fromArduino = NetAddr.new("", 8888);

OSCdef(\flex, {|msg, time, addr, recvPort| [addr, recvPort, msg, time].postln;}, '/jacksonFlex/1/control', ~fromArduino, 57120);


The arduino sketch send the messages on this ip : (port 57120), which is the address I have entered in the networks preferences of the ethernet port.
The bundle can contain up to 12 messages...

For info the Oskulator application can read those OSC bundles too...

Any idea of what I am missing?

Big thanks for all those who contributed to this forum, that  helped meet so much at understanding this wonderful tool.