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Quadriphonic recording

first of all I apologize for my naivete in SC (and for my bad english, as well).
My code has a quadriphonic output. Unfortunately, my experience in recording has begun and ended with the localhost-server record button window....now I wonder if:

1) there's a way to configure the recording - through that window - raising it to more than 2 channels;
2) otherwise - given that I would change the saving path (and choose the desktop, for example) - I have found the following chance but, as a beginner, I'm not sure if it'd work and/or if it is really what I'm looking for....:

// something to record
SynthDef("bubbles", {
    var f, zout;
    f = LFSaw.kr(0.4, 0, 24, LFSaw.kr([8,7.23], 0, 3, 80)).midicps; // glissando function
    zout = CombN.ar(SinOsc.ar(f, 0, 0.04), 0.2, 0.2, 4); // echoing sine wave
    Out.ar(0, zout);

// this will record to the disk
SynthDef("help-Diskout", {arg bufnum;
    DiskOut.ar(bufnum, In.ar(0,2));

// this will play it back
SynthDef("help-Diskin-2chan", { arg bufnum = 0;
    Out.ar(0, DiskIn.ar(2, bufnum));

I appreciate your patience in reading such an elementary question, and would be glad if you'd leave any suggestion.
Thank you.