SuperCollider 3.9.0-rc1 released

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SuperCollider 3.9.0-rc1 released

[Forwarding this announcement to the sc-dev list]

Hi list,

Our first release candidate for SuperCollider 3.9 is out now! If all
goes well, this version will become the official 3.9 release. Here's the
release page:

Here's a quick list of changes since 3.9.0-beta1:

- server.waitForBoot broke in the beta. It has been restored now.
- The TOC in SCDoc has been redesigned to fix a UI issue introduced in
the beta.
- Fixed supernova crashing when too many controls are used.
- Fixed duplicate node ID errors involving Server.initTree.
- Volume now respects lag time when it is instantiated or destroyed.
- Server:clientID is now protected from being changed while the server
is running.
- History and HistoryGui have been cleaned up.
- A new "booted" stage has been added to Server objects that have been
booted but may not be running yet, accessible via Server:hasBooted and