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This list is addressed mainly to people developing SuperCollider source code. Contributions, questions, comments on any level of the code (C, C++ or SuperCollider class libraries) are covered here. For information on the list, please see:

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Replies Last Post Views SVN: supercollider:[9114] trunk/Source/app/SCGraphView.M by thelych
by thelych
Focus ring bug by i
by thelych-2 SVN: supercollider:[9113] trunk by Scott Wilson-2
by Scott Wilson-2
Re: 3.3RC2 crashes - libsndfile by Alberto de Campo
by thelych-2 SVN: supercollider:[9112] trunk/Source/app/CocoaBridgePrimitives.M by thelych
by thelych SVN: supercollider:[9111] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/ Collections/ by jamshark70
by jamshark70 SVN: supercollider:[9110] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/ PlusGUI/Math/ by danstowell
by danstowell
Function:loadToFloatArray not working on k-rate (patch attached) by Dan Stowell-2
by Dan Stowell-2 SVN: supercollider:[9109] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/ PlusGUI/Math/ by danstowell
by danstowell SVN: supercollider:[9108] trunk/build/Help/GUI/Cocoa-GUI/ SCEnvelopeView.html by ctrl-t
by ctrl-t SVN: supercollider:[9107] trunk/build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/osx/ Base/ by ctrl-t
by ctrl-t
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