Zombie scide/sclang processes

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Zombie scide/sclang processes

At this moment, I have no SC windows anywhere, but:

$ ps x | grep scide
 3525 ?        Sl     0:28 scide
26315 pts/9    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto scide
32600 ?        Sl     0:22 scide

$ ps x | grep sclang
 3534 ?        Sl     0:04 sclang -l /home/dlm/.config/SuperCollider/sclang_conf.yaml -i scqt
 9101 pts/9    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto sclang
32609 ?        Sl     0:04 sclang -l /home/dlm/.config/SuperCollider/sclang_conf.yaml -i scqt

"gdb -p" for any of 3525, 32600, 3534 or 32609 fails to attach the process.

Some shutdown glitch? Any ideas?

I'm on a testing branch, no time right now to investigate but it's possible I've deviated from master somewhere.

No idea if this is consistent or sporadic.

Must reboot now for a kernel update :(


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