[announce] update miSCellaneous v0.15 - introductory guide and commented piece / source code

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[announce] update miSCellaneous v0.15 - introductory guide and commented piece / source code

Dear SCers,

version 0.15 contains two new tutorials:

1.) Introduction to miSCellaneous

This goes back to a one-day SC meeting at IEM Graz and summarizes the content of the lecture/workshop.


Thanks to feedback from colleagues at place I became aware that now, after almost 10 years from the first tries, documentation has grown, but might not be easy to overlook, especially for new users -- so I thought that it would make sense to write an additional introductory guide. It refers to a number of already existing but spread examples, adds some new ones and establishes a bottom-up order, which hopefully makes connections more clear. At crucial points the reader is encouraged to check examples with own instrument and/or effects SynthDefs.

2.) kitchen studies

kitchen studies is a fixed media stereo piece in six parts, which emerged from experiments with per-grain effect processing using PbindFx. The whole piece is based on the kitchen sound of five seconds, which is already included in the lib and used for examples in the Buffer Granulation tutorial. The new tutorial contains the commented source code, which produced the current version of the piece. Therefore the material has only been cut and slightly mastered, the whole piece can be found here:


As an ongoing artistic research project the compositional process will be reflected in the artistic research database Research Catalogue: https://www.researchcatalogue.net

Further stuff:

.) PV_BinRange and PV_BinGap
        Two pseudo ugen classes, also used for FFT effects in (2)
.) Extended PbindFx help file example #4
        (implicit generation of parallel effects of same kind with array syntax)

.) Minor typo fixes and documentation complements



PS: Regarding OS differences: language based triggering (Pbind and similar) works fine on OSX, on windows I recently noticed very inexact timing with SC 3.6.6, but with SC 3.7.2 it sounded ok, I don't have comparable results with Linux as I just tried principal working with a virtual machine. I'll think about an easy test/measurement for this topic.


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