need to play a MIDI file using a SC synthdef

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need to play a MIDI file using a SC synthdef


I created a Synth & I want it to play specific microtonal pitches.  I have note on/off responders such that when I have my keyboard hooked up & everything has been evaluated, it plays all my desired notes and everything works fine.

Problem is the piece I am writing is too difficult for me to play (I am a composer, not a pianist) & I want to make an automated mock-up recording.

Is there a way I can feed SuperCollider a MIDI file with the correct keyboard notes & durations, & have it play everything using my SynthDef?  Would I still be able to use my array of Note on/off responders & have it work?

I understand how to make MIDI work using an external device, but again I am trying to do this all in SC.  Or another option would be to have Ableton Live or Sibelius play my file, routing the real-time MIDI data to the synthdef as decribed above.

Any advice how I can best do this?  I know it has to be possible, I am just finding the MIDI help docs to be pretty scant.

Thank you.