sc-dev Meeting Minutes 2017-12-23

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sc-dev Meeting Minutes 2017-12-23


Members Present:

Brian, Nathan, Patrick

Discussion Topics:

• Merged #3348, will update changelog and release 3.8.1 soon.
• Because of #3348, will also have to add binaries to release.
• Nathan has created a draft release.
• Will have to be tagged on 3.8 branch since master already has 3.9 stuff in it.

• Nathan will review and merge 3275
• And after that, release next instance because it closes all open 3.9 milestones
• #3266 - no longer milestoned as 3.9. Marked as "waiting for information" since cause is unclear
• Decided to call it a "release candidate" since all bugs from 3.9.0 beta are eliminated and signals that we are very close to release
• 3.9.0 release set for 1/1 unless major issues arise

• Nathan wants to release 3.9.1 a month after 3.9.0. Ambitious but we are setting the bar low for the number of changes going in.

Wanted for 3.10:
• Nathan: new UGens (will work on as an independent project for school)
• Ableton Link synch (#3351)
• Brian: Update Boost, update Qt version
• Brian: Fix SerialPort on Windows

SuperColliderAU PR (#3350)
• SuperColliderAU reboot that runs from current develop.
• Agreed it would be better to move some of the project to a submodule

scsynth allocator PR (#3318)
• milestoned 3.10

Patrick: safeguard for syntax errors in startup files.
• Right now it causes a mysterious error with no indication that it came from the startup file.
• Could easily be fixed for quality of life improvement

Thanks to all who attended! The next meeting has been set for December 30, 2017 at