standalone windows error with Extensions path (solved)

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standalone windows error with Extensions path (solved)


In case it helps someone I am trying to create a standalone system for
windows. I copied all SuperCollider 3.7.2. files into a new folder and
use a bat file that does

sclang.exe  -a -l sclang.yaml

the sclang.yaml says


     - ./SCClassLibrary

     - ./Extensions


     - C:/Program Files/SuperCollider-3.7.2/SCClassLibrary

     - C:/ProgramData/Supercollider

postInlineWarnings: false

This was working fine before in a couple of Windows systems, if I
remember well both W7, this was a few months ago and I did not take
notes. Now I just moved into a clean machine with W7 that has almost no
software installed and I decided to try again to see if it was working
but I get this error.

"exception in GraphDef_Recv: Ugen 'WAmp' not installed"

However WAmp it is installed correctly. Both BatUGens.scx and are under Extensions. I can run; and it does
work, so it finds the class but not the binary.

If I comment out WAmp then the error comes from another extension I use
a couple of lines later. Again that extension is installed correctly as

I decided to try to move around the extensions .scx files to see if the
server could find them somewhere else. Everything worked fine after I
moved them into the plugins folder.


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