windows 7 suspected issues with non-releasing nodes

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windows 7 suspected issues with non-releasing nodes

Hi ,

I'm having some issues with running 3.6.5 on windows 7.

When I attempt to turn off a reasonably large amount of synths eg

t = Task({


                {,1000),0,0.01) *,4), doneAction: 2)}.play;


I get a digital distortion. I've tried increasing memory allocation, blocksize and hardwareMemoryBuffer plus checking on different soundcards and the result is no different each time. I'm on a brand new icore7 so I'm pretty sure lack of processing power is not the issue. Also the CPU is still at a few percent when it happens.

What I've noticed is that when it happens the number of synths climbs rapidly until SC runs out of available nodes. So my suspicion is that the UDP port to the server is being flooded. Could this be the case and if so does any one know what I could do to prevent it ?